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dirt road in the trees

In every walk in nature one receives far more than he seeks.
-John Muir

Sunrise Daisy is working to fund and build a walking trail we will call "Survivor Path." The Survivor Path is a place in nature to enhance the senses with visual, motor/tactile, auditory, and aromatic stations to increase self awareness and facilitate a meditative and playful practice of your own discovery. Once created, Sunrise Daisy will donate it to Menucha to maintain for the benefit of anyone to use nature in their own self help process.

Self help for positive mental health and post traumatic growth installations are carefully planned and crafted by our Founder, Dr. Valerie Correa and her team of volunteers. Dr Correa is an Oregon and Washington State Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in increased resiliency and survivorship. She uses the educational and coping interventions found along the Survivor Path to help people who are suffering through mental and physical illness, grief, trauma and the challenges of daily life. People learn more and retain more when they are inspired, feel relaxed and have multiple ways of learning.

This nature path enhances the senses so participants can fully engage in their goals for self improvement. 

Headshot of Dr. Valerie Correa
Survivor Path Partners

To follow our journey creating the Survivor Path, check our blog:

Headshot of Tim Kurkinen

Tim Kurkinen

Facilities Director,
Menucha Retreat & Conference Center

Artisan, Sunrise Daisy

Headshot of Richard Dobrot

Richard Dobrot

Architect, Sunrise Daisy

Headshot of Kristen Brayson

Kristen Brayson

Artisan Coordinator, Sunrise Daisy

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