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Social Media Coordinator
Headshot of Brendan Crowe

Brendan Crowe

  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

  • Program Manager

  • Meditation Facilitator

  • DJ 

Brendan Crowe has been living in Portland Since 2014. Brendan has held positions as a caregiver, gardener, Buddhist monk, and early childhood educator. At Tassajara, the Zen monastery and guest retreat center in California’s Ventana wilderness, he served as head gardener, front office staff, reservations specialist, and program coordinator while studying meditation intensively for 5 years. In 2019 he returned to work for the San Francisco Zen Center remotely and now manages their online programs, workshops and retreats. He has facilitated meditation groups and retreats in Oregon, and in his free time DJs and volunteers as an event coordinator for community non-profits. 


Brendan is a yoga and meditation practitioner deeply committed to the work of healing physical and emotional trauma, and aims to connect the wider public to Sunrise Daisy Retreat through events and community engagement.

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