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Headshot of Jane Jackson

Jane Jackson, B.A., M.B.A.

  • Treasurer, Sunrise Daisy Retreat

  • Construction Consultant, Faithful & Gould

  • Bachelor of Arts, International Studies

  • Master of Business Administration, Finance, Organization Theory & Behavior emphasis

  • Financial Secretary, Community of Christ Church

Jane Jackson spent 19 years working for Intel, then onto Faithful & Gould, always looking for the next difficult problem to solve and do what is best for her employer.  She learned how to effectively manage projects and people, both in the US and abroad.  At Intel, she worked in product development, marketing, regulatory management, and construction.  These various roles required extensive international travel, working with teams from a variety of countries.

Jane started her career working for Deloitte & Touche, LLP as a systems and financial auditor.  She learned the foundations of financial controls through both manual and system driven methods.  She participated in audits for a number of clients, including Blue Cross, Standard Insurance, and Legacy Health Systems Hospitals.

Jane has extensive experience working in construction, as an owner’s representative at Intel Corporation.  She was the driver of cost, quality, and schedule management for 100’s of construction project (e.g. 140ksqft general purpose building with gym and café, office renovations, several cafes, labs, and purpose-driven rooms).  She was responsible for managing the architect and general contractor, and interfacing with the local jurisdiction.  She would ensure proper budgetary management for every project, through a variety of corporate tools.  

In 2012, Jane took on an 18 mo assignment in Penang Malaysia, to address construction cost controls violations.  She was responsible for hiring a new general contractor, hiring up a new team, and ensuring proper controls were in place to avoid future violations.  This required a tight balance between operational effectiveness and meeting the highest level of ethical and financial controls.

Jane has done a variety of work in non-profit volunteering.  She was previously part of a ‘start-up’ Board of Directors, for Better People (, an organization committed to reduction of recidivism.  After almost 10yrs, this organization still serves the local Portland metro area.  Additionally, she has volunteered extensively with her children’s schools.


Jane is thrilled to be a part of this new organization, filling such an important need in cancer survivors’ lives.  As a sister of a Medical Physicist, she’s familiar with the evolution of treatment and its need to go beyond treating the tumor.  It’s time to support survivors and enable them to ‘reboot’ their lives.

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