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Headshot of the late Lily Davis

In Memory of Lily Davis (Perkins)

Lily graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor of science in Psychology. She had been working at a non-profit agency with adults with disabilities during her undergraduate experience. She then began volunteering for the suicide crisis center before joining Lewis and Clark's counseling program. Lily started her clinical work January 2019 with clients at Lewis and Clark clinic. She volunteered with BeTheMatch, the national bone marrow organization, and Bloodworks NW which is the blood bank for Oregon and Washington. Her goal once she got her license was to work with the chronic illness and cancer community.


Lily was always passionate about working with the cancer and chronic illness community. Lily was diagnosed with 2 bone marrow diseases in 2014 and spent many days in hospital treatment rooms talking with other cancer patients. This experience inspired her to go to graduate school for mental health counseling in the hopes of  working with this community. On her off time, she enjoyed being with her family and spending time in healing outdoor settings. Sunrise Daisy greatly appreciated the help and light she gave to our cause and send love and comfort to her family.

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