​Sunrise Daisy Retreat envisions that true healing will be found in nature and in having multiple avenues for recovery and resiliency. Our vision is a sanctuary surrounded by trees with wooden cabins having different modalities of intervention and treatment. Specifically, one cabin would be an art studio (art therapy), one cabin would be a library (bibliotherapy), one cabin would be for sound therapy (drumming, singing bowls, music therapy, etc), one cabin would be for movement therapy like yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. There would also be a barn for animal assisted therapy, a garden (for nutritional teachings), a labyrinth for a meditative introspective walk, walking trails with inspirational quotes of resiliency, a pool or soaking pools for hydrotherapy, and a lodge for workshops and presentations. 

Part of the cancer journey is being dependent on medical providers and intervention for survival. Compliance is often key to achieve a positive outcome. Then, after treatment is complete, we expect these cancer survivors to become independent and healed. When cancer treatment ends and the cancer survivor is no longer in survival mode, this is often the time that the trauma of treatment intensifies and hits them and their caregivers. Treatment demands solitary focus, which is often disruptive to the self, relationships, and finances. The effects of treatment frequently start overwhelming the survivor and the caregivers. This is when they suffer from Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and even marriages and friendships falling apart. 

Imagine now the survivor and their caregivers coming to a wooden refuge where they get to decide what they need for emotional nourishment. They have multiple structured spaces dedicated for individualized healing. They can paint one day, they can take a swim another, they can sit and read a book on resiliency, they can cuddle a friendly alpaca, or they can walk the landscaped grounds. They leave Sunrise Daisy retreat better refreshed and with renewed energy, having given themselves time for introspection. They feel connected back to discovering who they are post cancer through this exploration.  

Additionally, we would use the facilities for paid workshops that would fund the free services for cancer survivors and their caregivers and secure the mission and outreach for our community. Sunrise Daisy Retreat is committed to cancer survivors never paying for services due to financial stress being so often one the most devastating effects of cancer. We know this is needed in our community with the survivors we are working with at our current location, but we can only see as many survivors as our location can hold. We know we will be the most influential if we have a place for healing and restoration.


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