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Travel as a Healing Intervention

In this episode, Dr. Valerie Correa, Sunrise Daisy Retreat's founder will focus on travel as a healing intervention for cancer survivors and their caregivers. Unfortunately, in July 2020, Dr. Correa's acute myeloid leukemia returned after her successful stem cell transplant in August 2014. She endured a second allogenic stem cell transplant in October of 2020 with a new stem cell donor. In this video, her hair is sprouting back up from cancer treatment as her new immune system is beginning to grow post transplant. She is celebrating her 50th (half a century!!) birthday at Cannon Beach, Oregon. Disclaimer of traveling during Covid: Make sure you check with your oncologist to see what safety precautions to take to protect yourself from infection.

Make sure when you watch this video clip that you see the end of the video where Valerie was gifted a majestic ocean sunset for her birthday celebration. It was a gorgeous display of nature, she hopes you find inspiration to create your own travel memories for your bright future.

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