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Dancing is My Happy Place

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

RoAnna Savage is Sunrise Daisy Retreat’s Creative Director, and as a creative, she also turns to that outlet for her physical and mental health. Creative endeavors are known to help with anxiety, depression and processing trauma. Losing her sister-in-law to cancer opened her eyes to the depth of trauma and stress both the cancer patient AND their care givers (her brother in this case) experience. In this episode, RoAnna talks about how dancing is her “happy place” and the elements of it that could appeal to you.

Below you will find a list of resources to explore to see if dancing could help support your healing or bring you joy. These links are focused on things you can do now, during the pandemic, but once things open back up and we are safe to mingle, there are many more to do out and about with other people through these same resources and many more.

Learn a country line dance (this is a good beginner one that is played at most country bars)

Boot Scootin’ Boogie CLICK HERE

Learn a funky style solo dance (this is a Portland area professional with many video tutorials to choose from on his website)

The Silton Shuffle:

link to Doug Silton's website:

Solo dance or movement classes by Portland Dance Studio “Dane with Joy”

link to studio website:

Dance classes by Portland Dance Studio “Uptown Dance Studio”

link to studio website:

Beginning Salsa/Bachata movement and footwork by Portland Dance Studio “Shawn Gardner Dancing”

link to studio website:

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