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Welcome to our NEW Wellness Blog!

We are excited to welcome you to Sunrise Daisy Retreat’s Wellness Blog! Sunrise Daisy Retreat’s mission is to support the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of cancer survivors as they re-connect back to their lives post cancer. Our objective is to provide a healing environment for survivors to have space to process their trauma, increase positive future outcomes and reduce secondary conditions.

We are going to kick it off with monthly videos to introduce you to our Board and team members along with their strategies for supporting their mental and physical wellbeing. We hope that in doing so we can provide you with ideas and resources to support yourself or someone you love.

In this first episode, we introduce you to Jennifer Rinkus, Sunrise Daisy’s Vice President. She will present the Uplift Kits (personalized grab-bag style gift baskets) she puts together for cancer patients and survivors as her way of paying forward the positive energy and love that sustained her during her own cancer journey.

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