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Board Member, Menucha Retreat & Conference Center
Headshot of Dr. Valerie Correa

Kelly White, B.A.

    Bachelor of Arts, Rhetoric & Communications
    Board Member, Creative Arts Community
    Board Member, Menucha Retreat & Conference Center

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Kelly has a long-standing love of the arts. She began taking ceramic classes in high school and continued while in college at the University of Oregon. Currently she sits on the board of the Creative Arts Community and of Menucha Conference and Retreat Center. Creative Arts Community has been offering immersive art workshops at Menucha since 1966. Kelly believes that the mission of both organizations are kindred. The Creative Arts Community “fosters a welcoming environment where all are inspired through art immersion workshops that renew artistic vision and enhance life.” Menucha’s mission is enriching lives through hospitality, learning, reflection and renewal.

In 1996 Kelly fell in love as she walked through the grounds of Menucha visiting each building to view the art. She knew the sacred space was kin to reflection and renewal. Her first weeklong visit was in 2013 and she has attended the residential art camp each year since. You could say that her favorite spot at Menucha is wherever she is at that moment: looking west from Wright Hall down the Columbia, looking northeast from the driveway at Beam, or the beautiful view of the gorge from the swimming pool.

Kelly has two children, three brothers and twenty-six first cousins. She is excited to meet the challenges that Menucha faces as it enters this new chapter and she is delighted to assist in the creation of the Survivor’s Path.

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