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Kate Stidd, LMFT-Registered Intern, MAT

  • Clinician, Sunrise Daisy

  • Bachelor's degree History, Lewis & Clark College

  • Master's degree Teaching, Pacific University

  • Master's degree Couple, Marriage & Family Counseling, George Fox University

  • Registered Intern with the State of Oregon

Kate was born and raised in beautiful Portland, Oregon, and makes her home here now. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, and especially her sweet dog Bettie.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in History from Lewis & Clark College (1995), a Master’s degree in Teaching from Pacific University (2001), and a Master’s degree in Couple, Marriage, and Family Counseling from George Fox University (2017). She is currently a Registered Intern with the State of Oregon and is supervised by Dr. Tara Sanderson. Prior to her career as a therapist, Kate spent 10 years as a classroom teacher, specializing in Middle and High School Social Studies. In addition, she spent 15 years working in various business organizations, mainly in sales and marketing. All of her past work experiences have provided her with a broad view of the world, and the benefits and challenges people face every day.

Kate's world was changed by cancer starting in 2002 with the death of her mother. Through the battles and losses of others, she has gained a deep understanding of the unique path that the caregiver must travel. With her own cancer diagnosis in September of 2017, her understanding grew even further. With surgery and treatment, she is cancer free, but like most survivors, not without loss. As a trained singer, her voice has been part of her identity for most of her life, it is also a large part of her career as a therapist. Because of the location of her tumor, one of her vocal cords was compromised. This loss has been heartbreaking. Kate is called to work with patients, survivors, and family to process the immense amount of loss that comes with this disease.

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